Elegant Photos for Top-Up or Full Set Page

We have updated our Top-Up or Full Set page on the website! Now there both the Classic and Elegant photos available. If you are wanting some information on which you should be booking head over to the page: https://empirelashesandbeauty.com/top-up-or-full-set/

Top-Up Or Full Set?

We have just added a new page to our website which will give you some handy info on whether you need to book a Full Set or a Top-Up. Pop over to: https://empirelashesandbeauty.com/top-up-or-full-set/ to check it out! Currently, we only have photos for the Classic Set but we will update the other three soon.

Waitangi Day

Store Update: We will be open our regular hours on Waitangi Day but then be closed next Monday the 10th. We hope you all enjoy your day on Wednesday!

Price Changes

Quick Reminder: We updated some of the pricing of our services at the start of the year. All of our appointments will follow the new prices from tomorrow. To see our new pricing please visit our website: https://empirelashesandbeauty.com/services-pricing/

We Are Back!

We are back! Hopefully, everyone had a great holiday period and had a chance to relax and enjoy the occasionally nice weather! Our open hours are back to normal (9am – 7pm Monday through Thursday). We look forward to seeing you all soon ?

Holiday Period Wait List

The Holiday Period is almost fully booked! If you are still after an appointment coming up to the New Year, please send us a message. Remember to include; what service you would like, what days/times suit you, and how quickly you would be able to get to us. This will be first in first served.… Continue reading Holiday Period Wait List