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Christmas Competitions: Day 3

Our third competition was to have people caption a funny picture. We found a very quirky looking dog photo which we thought would be perfect.

This competition had a lot of entries and it was very difficult to choose a winner as there were so many hilarious answers. In the end we chose one which suited the Lash Industry and also had the most likes on our Instagram. The winner was Chelsea with the caption in the photo below.

The winning caption for our contest

We also had a lot of other great captions so we will share a few of them below.

Stacey – “looks in mirror without lashes ?”

Monique – “When you see the price tag of something you thought was cute ??”

Gracen – “when your sister walks in wearing your top you were looking for ??”

Olivia – “Oh hell no!! you did not just touch my Christmas present!!”

Tayla – “When you’re about to leave the house and catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror”

Hinegaronga – “When your bestfriend tells you she’s never heard of empire lashes ?”

Luse – “When your mum didn’t even know eyelash extensions were a thing?”

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