Christmas Competitions: Day 5

For our final day we decided to ask people about something good they have done for society. The prize was a $50 Empire Lashes & Beauty voucher so we thought it should go to someone who really deserves it. We asked participants to tell us about a time where they did something for nothing.

#DoSomethingForNothing is an Instagram trend which encourages people to do something to benefit society without accepting any compensation.

We started the competition off with our own story where we did free brow shapes in the Palmerston North Youth Space building to help support them.

The winner for this competition was Zoe with the following story:

My #DoSomethingForNothing this year has been looking after people’s dogs for free throughout the year for those who couldn’t afford to take them to boarding kennels or if their dogs are just to scared to go to places like that. They got to come to the farm and have fun and always had company while their parents were away. ??

Below are some of the other stories we received:

hey_its_dotti – I baked some muffins and painted nails for women at a resthome earlier this year with a few friends from church.

Kath – My #dosomethingfornothing is simple it’s just time. I always make sure I have quality time for friends and family & anyone in need. A listening ear…a place to stay , help with kids, transport, work …its always good to put positivity and that attitude of gratitude back in others lifes.. time is priceless .. costs nothing and means everything x

samjadetoms – Picking up coffee for a babe in need on a busy day at work ?

Thank you everyone for following our competitions and congratulations to all our winners!

XOXO Empire Lashes & Beauty Team