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Help With Receiving Notifications from Us

Sometimes things go wrong and an email or text doesn’t appear. This can be dangerous as it may make you miss an appointment. To help with this we recommend that you double check your information each time you make an appointment. Our system is rather handy and has the ability to save Cookies. What this means is that if you enable them for our site, your information will be automatically added each time you visit to make an appointment. Magic! Please note that this information is kept on your local device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone).

Each time you make an appointment you will receive a confirmation email (within 10 minutes of making the appointment) and a text reminder (12 hours prior to the appointment). If you do not receive one or both of these messages from us please contact us on our email or Facebook so that we can double check the information in your client file as it may be incorrect. 

Example of Reminder Text

Please remember that all of the automatic messages sent through our booking system are ‘Do not reply’. Any replies sent to to them will not arrive anywhere.

Once all of your information is correct you will always be up to date with what’s happening with your appointments!

xoxo Empire Lashes & Beauty Team




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