Loyalty System Update

This change will be happening in November 2020 but we wanted to give you all lots of advance notice!⁠

Our booking system is now offering a loyalty program which is automatic (no more having to remember your card!). ⁠

In addition to this, our Student discount will move to the new loyalty system as well. The last day for Student discounts will be the 30th of October.⁠

We will be accepting our current Loyalty cards up until the 30th of October. The following week the new system will be in effect.⁠

If you have just started a new loyalty card this should give you enough time to fill it up. We will continue handing out new Loyalty cards until August 28th.⁠

We will announce at a later date the information about how the new system will work. ⁠

We are really excited about being able to provide you all with a world-class loyalty programme!