Monday Competition 2019

Today we had the first competition for our Holiday Period in 2019.

The competition for the day was to answer the following question: What are three things to avoid after getting lash extensions?

The prize was an Aftercare Pack from us! This includes an Empire Lashes & Beauty Lash Shampoo, as well as a Lash Wand Pack.

We had a lot of great answers and you could see people had done their research! The Winner for today was Valentina with her answer which was randomly selected.

She wrote: “1) Avoid wetting lash extensions ideally 24 hours after treatment
2) Avoid rubbing or touching your eye area because your eyelash extensions will fall out faster
3)Avoid mascara because this can cause your eyelash extension to become weaker (fall out) and not hold in place properly “

Remember you can always find the aftercare advice on the back of our price lists, on the back of our loyalty cards, on our website, or flick us a message with your question!

Aftercare Advice on our Website

See you all tomorrow for our next competition!