Our Values

“Affordability, Quality, Sustainability, Continuous Improvement”

We believe that looking good should be affordable. To do this we source our lashes from a supplier in China who offers us a fantastic price. This then allows us to only charge you for time and experience of the Lash Artist.

Although we are able to charge less for the same service, we still believe in providing a quality experience. Our Lash Artists are highly trained and we stand behind our work one hundred percent.

We are deeply committed to Sustainability.  We want to be able to continue providing amazing services for you long into the future. To help offset any negative footprint we create, we use as many naturally made products as we can find. From simple things such as cleaning products, all the way to the packaging used on our retail items.

Finally we believe in Continuous Improvement. Everything we do can be better and we need your help to do this! We will occasionally send out surveys to collect your thoughts on us and areas we can improve. We also appreciate feedback provided through our Social Media. We take this data and turn it into ideas on how to make the experience we provide for you the best it can be.