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Top-Up or Full Set?

When booking your appointment online you will have the option of either a Full Set or a Top-Up (often referred to as an Infill). This page will help you decide which of these options is appropriate for you!

The primary difference is whether you already have Lash Extensions on or not. If you do not have any extensions then you will be a Full Set. A Top-Up is a service where we add more extensions to the ones you already have one.

The next difference is how long the service takes. A full set is an hour and a half, while a Top-Up is one hour. Seeing as there is a time difference between the two we have to ensure that you have enough extensions remaining. This is where our 50% requirement comes in.

For your service to count as a Top-Up you need to have at least 50% of extensions still on. We generally find this is two or three weeks from your previous appointment for most people. Regardless of how long it has been since your previous appointment, we will always require you to have 50% or more of the extensions remaining.

If you arrive at a Top-Up appointment and have less than 50% of your extensions remaining, it will need to be a Full Set instead. This will incur the additional cost and if there is not enough time to complete your service, you may not be able to have your service performed at the time.

Below are some photos of each set that we do and the percentage of extensions remaining. These will help you to decide whether you should book in a Top-Up or a Full Set.





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